Wilson Combat Ultima-Lube II Universal Bore Cleaner

Wilson Combat is one of the best 1911 manufacturers today. They make a super accurate and 100% reliable 1911 handgun, probably one of the best. So when I saw they offer a bore cleaner, I took notice.

Wilson Combat Utlima-Lube II Universal Bore Cleaner is a water based, non-toxic cleaner that loosens and removes all types of fouling including carbon, copper, lead and powder. Since it is water based, it is non-flammable and does not contain ammonia. It’s also made to meet military strict specifications.

Wilson Combat Universal Bore Cleaner

I really like using cleaners and lubricants that are non-toxic. So the Wilson Combat bore cleaner is something I’m going to try on my Glocks. Since I like cleaning my guns indoors, I prefer to not use anything strong smelling and/or toxic. Wilson Combat has a superb reputation in the 1911 world and so this product should be a good one.

If you want to try this bore cleaner, here is a link….Wilson Combat Ultima-Lube II Universal Bore Cleaner at Amazon.com