Why I’m Switching CLP’s on My Guns

I was using a very popular CLP on my guns for about 2 or 3 years but have found cause to change now. I was using Froglube CLP. The reason I’m switching to another CLP or gun cleaner and oil is because I found that FL gummed up on my Glock after not being used for about 6 months. Here is what happened:

I was getting ready to do some gun oil/lubricant tests/reviews and so I was cleaning the Froglube off of my Glock in order to apply another product to test/review. When I went to remove the G22 slide from the frame via sliding it forward, it felt sticky and sluggish. The slide should slip off very easily. But this one did not.

After dis-assembly, I sprayed the barrel down with the Froglube Solvent and then proceeded to wipe it down with a patch. When I pushed a wet patch down the bore, it felt sticky or sluggish. And this was a spotlessly clean barrel. The outside of the barrel was also sticky. I thoroughly cleaned the barrel until it was slippery again.

I then decided to clean the frame too. I cleaned all slide contact areas with Solvent. It was very obvious that this CLP gummed up. I could feel it while cleaning the frame with a patch and q-tips. It took some elbow grease to clean the gummed CLP off. I should have used a nylon brush instead of patches…ohh well.

I decided to test BreakFree CLP on my Glock 22 .40 S&W barrel. So I applied the Breakfree to the barrel, inside and out, slide and the frame. I made sure to wipe everything down with a clean dry patch to remove any excess. I reassembled the Glock and racked the slide several times to distribute the Breakfree. It felt good, no sticking at all.

My Breakfree CLP review will test¬†how well it repels and cleans carbon fouling from the G22 barrel after 50 rounds. I will take pictures of the bore before cleaning and during. I’m going to use a standard rod and jag/brush combo instead of the Boresnake this time.