Weapon Shield Vs FireClean Friction Test

The following video is presented by George Fennel of Steel Shield Technologies maker of Weapon Shield CLP. He performs a scientific friction test with FireClean CLP and Weapon Shield CLP. There are 2 potential flaws that I see in the test but they may or may not make the test invalid. The first flaw is George applied too much FireClean CLP to the metal bearing surface. He poured it very liberally all over the bearing surface. That’s way too much. In my opinion, he should have applied it liberally and then wiped off the excess and then started the test however he did the same with Weapon Shield and it out performed FireClean CLP anyway.

The 2nd flaw as far as scientific testing goes is the testing surfaces were not cleaned off before trying the next product. He wiped off the bearing surfaces with a paper towel. This does not totally remove oil from a metal surface. Only a solvent will remove all traces of an oil or lubricant. So I have some doubts about this test but I have used Weapon Shield and it does work very well.

***I have to admit, Weapon Shield was able to reduce friction much more than any other product tested. All products that were tested were applied the exact same way.

Anyway here is the test video from Steel Shield Tech.

Weapon Shield Solvent and CLP

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