Weapon Shield CLP Review/Test

Weapon Shield CLP is another non-toxic and environmentally friendly gun cleaning, lubricating and protecting product. I have personal experience with Weapon Shield and I do like it. It cleans well and provides excellent lubricity properties as well as corrosion resistance. I however did not know exactly how well it lubricates. I could only gauge it by using it on my Glock and experiencing no malfunctions.

Weapon Shield Solvent and CLP

The best way to judge a products anti-friction properties/lubricity is to perform a scientific test…like a friction test. One such test is the Falex Lubricant Test or Timken Bearing Test.

Here is the Falex Lubricant Test.

This type of test does not emulate a real world gun scenario test such as shooting a gun until it fails after being lubricated with a particular product BUT it does prove what oils/lubricants are better at decreasing friction. Based on this, you can easily select the oil or lubricant that reduces friction the most. As you will see in a video, Weapon Shield is really good at reducing friction and much better than any other product.

…I may be switching CLPs again!!

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Here is the Falex Lubricant Test comparing Breakfree CLP, Hoppes Elite Gun Oil against Weapon Shield. The results are pretty amazing! Watch…