Use Gun Oil on Hot Guns?

So there are some discussions about cleaning guns while they are still hot and also using gun oil when the metal is still warm/hot.

Is there any possible benefit?

I’m trying to test the gun oil on warm/hot metal scenario right now to see if there is more penetration and therefore better protection and lubrication.

I did a preliminary test with Remington Rem oil and a steel bar heated to 135 degrees. I used a heat gun to heat the steel bar. I then placed a few drops of Rem Oil on the 135 degree steel bar. The Rem Oil boiled/sizzled off. So 135 degrees is too hot for Rem Oil. I then tried it at 124 degrees. It boiled off again.

I let the steel cool off to about 104 degrees and then applied a few more drops of Rem Oil. It did not boil off or sizzle like before. I then spread it evenly with a few patches. I’m going to see how well it resists corrosion via a daily water spray. I’ll compare it to a section of steel that was not heated, with Rem Oil being applied in the same manner. My goal is to see if the heated application resists corrosion longer than the non-heated application.

I will perform a lubrication test also…as soon as I get the steel bar stock.

…pictures to follow shortly.