Top 10 Gun Lubricants List – Scientifically Tested

Here are the top 10 gun lubricants/oils as per a scientific dynamic coefficient of friction test using a steel sled and a steel rotating surface polished to 600 grit. This test determines which lubricants or oils reduce friction the most. These are listed in order of performance, best is #1 and so on.

  1. Hornady One Shot
  2. Frog Lube
  3. Rand CLP
  4. Rem Oil – surprising huh?
  5. Rem Oil Moistureguard
  6. BreakFree CLP
  7. Hoppe’s No 9 Solvent – hard to believe that a plain solvent is lubricating well
  8. Gun Seal
  9. WD-40 – amazing this old product is that good!
  10. Quicken LP

Just a side note that I found interesting…Paste Wax out performed half of the 46 products tested.