Tipton Gun Cleaning Rods

Tipton Gun Cleaning Rods

Tipton gun cleaning rods are an excellent value. They are made well and last a long time. They offer gun cleaning rods in stainless steel and carbon fiber. Tipton offers one piece cleaning rods and 3 piece and in every caliber from .22 to .45. All Tipton cleaning rods feature a ball bearing handle that rotates freely.

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Tipton Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rods

Tipton carbon fiber cleaning rods are simply the best gun cleaning rods. Carbon fiber is the best material for a gun cleaning rod. It will not scratch or wear a barrel even if used carelessly. Carbon fiber also does not embed with sand or grit from the ground like aluminum rods do. And lastly, carbon fiber rods flex greatly but recover to their original shape. Metal rods can bend and become useless.

Tipton Max Force Cleaning Rods

Tipton Max Force cleaning rods are special rods with a sliding/movable handle grip that allows you to put more force on the rod without bending it. You position the handle close to where the bottleneck is and apply more force. The grip/handle will clamp onto the rod in any position. The rod will not bend because the length of rod where the force is being applied is supported and shorter in length. These are great for small bores where the rod is very slender and very long. You can easily use a rifle cleaning rod for pistols.

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Tipton Stainless Steel Cleaning Rods

Tipton stainless steel cleaning rods come in 3-pieces and are available in .22 caliber but can be used for larger calibers. If you want a take-down style cleaning rod that is easy to transport and/or fit into a cleaning case then the 3 piece Tipton is ideal. However it is bare stainless steel and could scratch a gun barrel. Use a bore guide when using anything other than a carbon fiber or coated steel cleaning rod. Carbon fiber is much better and not much more expensive.