The Best Gun Lubricant

The Best Gun Lubricant

If you’re looking for just lubrication qualities and not cleaning or corrosion protection here are the best gun lubricants that have been tested scientifically with a static friction coefficient test. The static friction coefficient test is composed of measuring the drag between 2 metal surfaces.

  1. Froglube CLP – when applied per instructions
  2. Hornady One Shot
  3. Barricade
  4. Rand CLP
  5. Atsko Silicon Spray
  6. Rem Oil
  7. CRC 3-36
  8. Hoppe’s No 9 Solvent – ┬ácan you believe a solvent is lubricating?
  9. Quicken CLP
  10. WD-40

These are the absolute best lubricants but only when they are applied correctly which is liberally coating the metal surface followed by wiping thoroughly with a clean dry cloth. When you think you removed too much, then you got it just right. Excess lubricant or oil will significantly increase drag. You ideally want a microscopic film of lubricant. All 10 lubricants were very close in the test. So close that they are all virtually equal.

Remember most gun oils and lubricants work very well also. So if you maintain your firearms well (clean) and keep them properly lubricated with most gun lubes/oils, you will be totally satisfied. If you have to have the best then Froglube CLP, ┬áHornady One Shot and Barricade are the “slippery” ones to use.

I personally do not use any of these on my firearms. I look for more in a gun lubricant than just lubrication. I want corrosion resistance and fouling resistance also. BreakFree CLP and M-Pro7 LPX are great lubricants plus reduce fouling and corrosion. My guns are much easier to clean after using these products.

Here is a great online resource for gun lubricants…Gun Lubricants on