The Best Gun Lube 2015

The Best Gun Lube 2016

So what is the BEST gun lube?

I’m going to only consider lubrication and not corrosion protection nor cleaning abilities.

The best gun lube was determined by a static friction coefficient test where a steel sled was dragged over another steel surface and the amount of friction is measured. See my article on The Best CLP’s – Corrosion and Lubrication Tests.

Anyway the absolute best gun lube is not the obvious like BreakFree CLP, 3-in-1 oil or Rem Oil. It happens to be a tie between 3 gun lubes….Barricade, Hornady One Shot and WD-40. Can you believe WD-40? I would have never thought is was an excellent lubricant. I thought is was only good for loosening rusted bolts and nuts??? Who would have thought? BUT remember this is only a lubrication recommendation.

This is how I like to chose and recommend products…by testing them. They all claim to be the best but you can’t always rely on marketing info.

So if you want the absolute best lube for your guns, buy some WD-40 or grab that old can in the garage and use it on your guns. It’s important to apply any and all gun lubes correctly otherwise they don’t work well and actually increase friction and attract dirt and fouling. Anyway….apply a liberal amount to all metal surfaces and let soak for 5-10 minutes. Now wipe as much of the lube off as you can with a clean dry cloth. If you think you wiped too much off, you did it right. You ideally want a micro-thin film of lube.

Here is a link where you can shop for all kinds of gun lubes including Hornady One Shot, WD-40 and Barricade….Gun Lubes on