CLP Gun Cleaner – Top 9


A CLP gun cleaner can speed up gun maintenance so you can shoot more and clean less.

The Best CLP Gun Cleaners

  • FrogLube CLP
  • Otis Bio CLP
  • Clenzoil CLP
  • Otis 085 CLP
  • CorrosionX
  • Hoppes Bore Snake CLP
  • Ballistol CLP
  • BeakFree CLP
  • Hornady One Shot

best CLP gun cleaners

So what is a CLP gun cleaner?

CLP stands for Cleaner, Lubricant, Protectant and is an all-in-one gun maintenance product. Previously you cleaned your gun with a gun cleaning solvent and then had to lubricate and protect your gun with an oil. Some solvents are harsh and remove all oils and lubricants from the metal which leaves it susceptible to corrosion and rust. You have to oil a gun right after you clean it with gun solvent. You don’t want to leave metal unprotected for any period of time.

CLP gun cleaners are great products and work well at cleaning and lubricating/protecting. You don’t have to worry about leaving your gun unprotected while cleaning. As it cleans metal surfaces, it penetrates the metal pores lifting fouling and leaves a protective barrier against future fouling and corrosion. There are a number of CLP’s on the market, some are good and some not so good. Some are toxic and some are non toxic. I like to stick with non toxic CLP gun cleaners and lubricants.

So what are the best non toxic CLP Gun Cleaners?

  • FrogLube CLP
  • Otis Bio CLP
  • SEAL 1
  • CorrosionX

I have tested and reviewed several CLP’s and they all performed very well at cleaning and protecting/lubricating. However they do not clean as fast as a straight gun cleaner. This is because they have a lubricant in the solution. It just takes a little longer to clean with a CLP in my experience but it is worth it because you don’t have to oil after you clean. I have used and tested FrogLube, Archoil AR4200, CorrosionX, M-Pro 7 LPx, SEAL 1 and Otis Bio CLP. All of these worked very well at cleaning, lubricating and protecting. I tested their cleaning abilities and then corrosion resistance on a tool steel flat bar exposed to the elements plus water spray. All of them passed the test very well.

FrogLube CLP

FrogLube is a biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner, lubricant and protectant for firearms. It has a mild minty smell, won’t stain or irritate skin, eyes or nose. It’s safe to use indoors or outdoors, around kids and pets. You can use it on the carpet or kitchen table. It is made from food grade ingredients. So you could use it to clean your pots and pans and dishes. FrogLube CLP is also non-flammable.

FrogLube CLP Features

  • Cleaner – cleans powder and bullet fouling
  • Lubricates – reduces friction so action stays reliable
  • Protectant – prevents corrosion
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Mild minty odor
  • Does not stain
  • Food Grade ingredients
  • Zero Hazmat
  • Inexpensive

froglube clp

Here is the FrogLube FrogTube cleaning kit (Buy Here).

It contains the following items:

  • FrogLube CLP liquid
  • FrogLube CLP Paste
  • FrogLube Solvent
  • Utility cleaning brush
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

Oits Bio CLP

Bio CLP allows you to speed up gun maintenance by more than 50%. You just apply, brush,and wipe…and you’re done. Otis products are excellent as is their customer service. I will always buy from Otis Tec.

One feature of Otis Bio CLP is that it’s non-toxic, odorless and doesn’t stain. I can use it indoors and not worry about smelling up the house for days. It won’t stain your clothes either.

Here is how I use Bio CLP. I apply a generous amount of it in the bore and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. It’s important to let it soak. I’ve tried 3 minutes and it didn’t work as well. 10 minutes seems to be the minimum. After 10 minutes the carbon/powder fouling wipes away easily. No scrubbing with a wire brush. Just run a clean patch through the bore. A Hoppes BoreSnake is ideal for this.

Bio CLP Features

  • Cleans powder and metal fouling
  • Lubricates to decrease wear and increase reliability.
  • Protects against corrosion – short and long term
  • Biodegradable – safe for the environment
  • Odorless
  • Inexpensive
  • Made in USA

Clenzoil CLP

Clenzoil CLP is a spray liquid that is easy to apply and works very well at home or in the field.

Clenzoil Features

  • Cleans and removes dirt, oils, copper, plastic, lead and other contaminates
  • Lubricant – provides a non-greasy film that is not sticky.
  • Protectant – thin film seals out moisture on all surfaces
  • Protects metal, wood and leather
  • Safe on synthetic and polymer materials
  • Available in many dispensers from pump spray bottles to needle oilers and foaming aerosol too

Otis 085 CLP Cleaner

Otis gun products are just flat out great. The 085 CLP formula has been around for 30 years. You know it has to be good to last that long.

085 is very simple to use. Apply a generous amount to dirty surfaces like bore and action. Let it sit for 10 minutes then brush and wipe with clean patches. Done

085 CLP Features

  • Cleans carbon, powder fouling, metal fouling, dirt and other contaminates
  • Lubricates to reduce wear and friction while increasing reliability
  • Protects surfaces from corrosion with a micro thin film
  • Available in tubes, bottles, aerosol cans and wipes
  • Inexpensive

My Experience with CLP Gun Cleaners

FrogLube CLP

How to Use FrogLube

  1. Clean gun with FrogLube Solvent to remove all solvents and oils.
  2. Liberally coat all surfaces of firearm with FrogLube. You can do this on room temperature guns but I recommend heating the metal parts up with a blow dryer or heat gun to about 100 – 120 degrees. The metal pores open up when heated and allows the Froglube to penetrate more. It does make a difference. I tried both ways.
  3. If you heated up the metal gun parts, now coat them liberally with FrogLube and let them sit for 10 – 30 minutes.
  4. Now wipe off any excess and repeat one more time.
  5. Now it’s ready for storage or action. You can feel how smooth or slippery the metal is with FrogLube. But not greasy or wet like oil.

Froglube CLP on Glock 21

Here is my Glock 22 and FrogLube. It works great and especially while the firearm is warm/hot. It does penetrate better when the metal is hot. After treatment with FrogLube, the metal surfaces are very slippery but not in a wet or greasy way. It’s dry. Dirt and fouling tend to not stick to the surfaces. No fingerprints either.

*** Remember that less is more with Froglube. Always wipe as much excess off as possible. You want a minimal of CLP on the metal.

Archoil AR4200 CLP Gun Cleaner

Archoil AR4200 Features

  • Cleans powder and metal fouling
  • Lubricates better than gun oils to resist wear and increase reliability
  • Protects metal against corrosion
  • Non Toxic
  • No Odor
  • Does not stain

Here is my Glock and Archoil AR4200 CLP. Archoil AR4200 CLP on Glock 22

Here is my Glock 21 barrel after 120 rounds of 45 acp. It was cleaned before I went to the range with Archoil AR4200 CLP. Look at the bore. Does that look like it has been shot 120 times?

Glock 21 barrel and Archoil clp

The bore is still shiny which means the Archoil CLP was not burned off and continued to lubricate and prevent fouling. It’s a great product.