Best Rifle/Shotgun Cleaning Vise

Cleaning a rifle or shotgun is made much easier with a gun vise. Trying to clean the action and bore with the rifle laying on a table or the floor is very difficult. The Tipton gun vise securely holds a rifle or shotgun so both hands are free for cleaning.

Tipton Gun Vise

Gun cleaning is always easier with the proper tools. A gun vise is a must have for cleaning shotguns and rifles. It holds the gun firmly enabling you to clean the action and bore with both hands. No more sliding while you brush the bore with the cleaning rod and brush. It will hold rifles and shotguns in various positions. It also has cut-outs or areas where you can store small parts, patches and cleaners.

The Tipton gun vise is made from a solvent resistant material with a central aluminum channel. Three components slide into various positions on the channel to accomodate various guns and optimal cleaning positions.

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