Archoil AR4200 CLP Review

Archoil is a nano science company specializing in lubricants, fuel, engineering and surface treatments.They manufacture off the shelf products as well as custom products. They are committed to product investment/development and meeting new fuel and lubrication challenges.

Archoil manufactures many products from friction modifiers to greases to fuel treatments and even firearms lubrication. They have a huge product line.


Archoil AR4200 is the firearm CLP or cleaner, lubricant and protectant. This is no ordinary CLP, AR4200 is different. The base stock is a group II synthetic PAO oil and is 99% pure with no undesirables like unstable sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen compounds or chlorinated paraffin. This makes AR4200 very stable at high temperatures, non toxic and biodegradable. It also has a very high viscosity index.

AR4200 is a nanoceramic CLP that contains tungsten disulfide. Tungsten disulfide is one of the most lubricous materials known to man. It is far superior to PTFE, moly, graphite and silicone. It’s coefficient of friction is 0.03. This is extremely low. It forms a dry hard surface on metals that can withstand super high temperatures (2,000 degrees) like inside a firearm barrel. AR4200 will not burn off like other CLP’s and oils. It’s not only a superior lubricant but also a cleaner. It will loosen fouling and repel it in future firings. The tungsten disulfide will repel dust and dirt. It is not sticky like other oils and greases.

So how do you use Archoil AR4200?

It’s not much different than other cleaners or CLP”s. Here is the recommended gun cleaning process.

  1. Apply a generous amount of AR4200 to a bore mop or patch and push it through the bore 15-20 times. This will saturate the entire bore. Allow AR4200 to work for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Apply a few drops to a nylon or brass brush and brush the bore several times. I recommend 20 passes.
  3. Now run several wet patches through the bore.
  4. Repeat this procedure until patches are light gray or clean. (see below)
  5. After the bore is clean run 2-3 dry patches through the bore to remove any excess AR4200.

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20140217 130947

Patches after cleaning my Glock 22. I shot 125 rounds of 40 S&W.

20140217 134433

My Glock 22 cleaned and protected with Archoil AR4200 CLP

Glock 22 barrel treated with AR4200

Here is the Glock 22 barrel that was treated/cleaned with AR4200 and then taken to the range. This is what the bore looks like after 120 rounds of 40 S&W. It’s still shiny and hardly dirty. AR4200 prevented a lot of carbon fouling and is still protecting the bore. You can see the inside of the barrel is still shiny.

Gun Cleaning Solvent – Test Videos

A gun cleaning solvent should loosen and/or dissolve carbon and/or metal fouling in the bore so that a patch can wipe it clean without scrubbing or brushing. There are many solvents on the market and again I have to say, some are good and some are not.

Here are the Best Gun Cleaning Solvents

  • M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner
  • Slip2000 725 Gun Cleaner
  • Hoppes Elite Gun Cleaner
  • Mil-Comm MC25 Gun Cleaner

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Mil-Comm MC25 Gun Cleaner

I have used many gun cleaners in the past 35+ years. I like trying new products to see how well they work or don’t work but I always seem to go back to one of the cleaners listed at the top of this post. M-Pro 7 and Hoppes Elite are fantastic and I still use them and Mil-Comm MC25 today. These have no harsh chemical smells nor burn your hands or eyes. You can use them indoors without fumigating your house. If you spill some on your clothes, you need not worry because none of these solvents will stain or damage your clothing.

Gun Cleaning Solvent Tip…

A point to remember about using any gun cleaning solvent is to apply it very generously. If you could dip the gun in a tank of gun cleaner, that would be ideal. You want to apply enough to allow it to thoroughly soak into the carbon fouling. It has to be WET. Soak the gun parts to be cleaned and then let them sit for 10 minutes. Then you can run some clean patches through the bore or wipe the parts off with a gun cloth. Everything should clean up easily. I used to remove my Glock barrel and soak it in a container filled with gun cleaning solvent. I only had to run a few patches through the barrel and it was squeaky clean.