Remington Rem All In Bore Cleaner

The Remington All In Bore Cleaner is a new water based cleaner and is non-flammable and non-toxic. I noticed that the Warning Label does not say “Harmful or Fatal if swallowed”. I like that!!!

I just bought a 4 oz bottle of the All In bore cleaner ($8.50) to test on my Glock 21. I’m not sure if it has any lubrication or corrosion protection properties. The Remington website does not state that it is a CLP. BUT since it’s water-based, it should have some type of corrosion protection. Remington says it’s safe for long term care. I believe it’s mostly a cleaner though. Buy the Rem All In Bore Cleaner – 4 oz. Bottle from

Anyway they mention the use of the Remington Squeeg-E to remove cleaner and fouling after brushing the bore. The Squeeg-E is a rubber patch jag like tip that pushes everything out of the barrel with one pass.

I will use patches only to test though. I’ll push several wet patches through the Glock barrel and then a dry clean patch and then see how clean the barrel is. I will probably shoot 50 rounds of .45 acp for the test.

Remington Rem All In Bore Cleaner

1/19/2016 Update

I took my Glock 21 to the range and put about 50 rounds of 45 acp through it after cleaning it and lubricating it with Rem Oil.

I applied a liberal amount of Rem All In on a clean dry patch. The Rem All In is a thick brown liquid. It does not soak into a patch. It sits on top. I’m not sure if that’s good or not. I pushed the patch through the barrel to completely saturate the bore.

Rem All In Bore Cleaner -2

Rem All In Bore Cleaner -3

Here is the first patch.

Rem All In Bore Cleaner -4

Here are the next 7 patches. A clean dry patch followed 20 strokes of a bronze bore brush. One stroke is either forward or back movement of the bore brush.

Rem All In Bore Cleaner -5

The Remington Rem All In Bore cleaner worked well. It seemed to clean as well as most other gun cleaners. However I do not care for the thickness of the solution. I prefer a gun cleaner that soaks into the patch and stays wet. I think a thinner gun cleaner penetrates into the fouling better than something thick. Rem All In contains a polish in it. I don’t want a polish in my gun cleaner but that’s just me. You may like it. After i was finished with the Rem All In Bore Cleaner, I had to use M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner to remove all traces of the Rem All In. I didn’t want any polish left in the bore and it even says on the directions to flush with a gun scrubber to remove all traces of Rem All In.