Real Avid Gun Boss Pistol Cleaning Kit

Real Avid Handgun Cleaning Kit

The Real Avid Gun Boss pistol cleaning kit is a very compact and orgainized gun cleaning kit. It contains a 2 piece gun cleaning rod with screw in T-handle, 4 bronze bore brushes, 2 slotted patch tips, 25 3″x3″ patches, 25 1.5″x3″ and 4 nylon jag tips. I really like nylon slotted tips and jags for gun cleaning. They are totally safe and effective.

This kit will clean pistols of .22 caliber up to .45 caliber. This kit does not include any type of cleaner or lubricate nor is there any place in the case to accommodate it. I’m going to assume that the 2 piece gun cleaning rod is aluminum. I looked on the Real Avid website and it does not disclose the material used for the cleaning rod.

Aluminum is not the best material for a gun cleaning rod because it can become embedded with dirt or sand particles. If you drop an aluminum cleaning rod on the ground, you might as well throw it away. Also aluminum cleaning rods can shave off material if you rub it against the chamber wall or the muzzle. Aluminum shavings in the chamber or barrel is certainly not ideal. Just be real careful with aluminum.

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