Real Avid Gun Boss AK-47 Cleaning Kit

Real Avid does it again with their “cool as heck” AK-47 gun cleaning kit. If you own an AK, then you know how handy a good AK gun cleaning kit is. The AK-47 scraper tool and the drift pin punch are indispensable when owning an AK rifle.

Real Avid Gun Boss AK-47 Gun Cleaning Kit

Nice huh??? Very compact yet still has everything you need to field strip and clean an AK-47 rifle except for gun cleaner and oil. You get the following in this AK-47 gun cleaning kit:

  • T-handle and 6 piece black E-coated and threaded steel rods 28.5″
  • 7.62 bore brush
  • Chamber brush
  • Gas tube nylon brush
  • Gas tube mop
  • Nylon slotted patch tip
  • AK-47 drift pin punch
  • Bore illuminator/safety chamber flag
  • AK-47 scraper tool
  • Compact zippered case

This is a very nice and compact AK-47 cleaning kit…just add a CLP and you’re all set.

Real Avid Gun Boss AK-47 Scraper Tool

Here is the 11 function AK-47 scraper tool. A MUST HAVE for any AK owner. The Real Avid Gun Boss AK-47 gun cleaning kit is a real bargain at $30. Here is where you can buy it online…Buy the Real Avid Gun Boss AK-47 Cleaning Kit from