Real Avid Boss Shotgun Cleaning Kit

I’m starting to love Real Avid lately. They make some really neat gun cleaning kits. The Real Avid Boss shotgun cleaning kit is just another example. It’s very compact and well organized with useful items…and priced right…very cheap.

Real Avid Boss Compact Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Is this cool or what? Multi-piece cleaning rod with screw on T-handle on one side and bore brushes, slotted tip and bore mops on the other. The multi-piece cleaning rod is aluminum and you need to be careful with aluminum rods because they are very soft and can pickup dirt and sand which can scratch the bore of a shotgun. You have to be really careful with aluminum rods but they do work well. If you are interested in this super compact shotgun cleaning kit, here is a link to buy it…Click Here to Buy the Real Avid Gun Boss Shotgun Cleaning Kit at