Real Avid AR15 Pro Pack Premium Cleaning Kit

The Real Avid AR15 Pro Pack Premium cleaning kit is the ultimate in cleaning kits. Let’s take a look at what it includes for $40. Click Here to Buy the Real Avid AR15 Pro Pack Premium Maintenance Kit at

Real Avid AR15 Pro Pack Gun Cleaning Kit

This AR15 gun cleaning kit has a ton of stuff in it yet it’s kept organized in a compact case. I like that.

Real Avid AR15 Pro Pack Gun Cleaning Kit-1+

OK…here’s all the goodies in this AR15 gun cleaning kit. Here is a list of the components.

  • Brass multi piece cleaning rod and handle
  • 8 star chamber pads
  • 50 patches
  • Bore illuminator
  • Safety flag
  • Compact tactical carring case
  • phosphor bronze Star chamber brush
  • 223/5.56 bore brush
  • Slotted tip
  • Angled pick
  • Stuck round extractor
  • Nylon Cleaning brush
  • AR15 scraper
  • AR15 Field Guide

My only issue with this cleaning kit is the multi piece cleaning rod. Multi-piece cleaning rods are not as straight and rigid as a one piece rod. It’s going to be a little flimsy. But I know it has to be multi-piece in order to fit in a small and compact case. That’s the price you pay for convenience. My recommendation is to replace the multi-piece brass cleaning rod with a .223 Boresnake. It’ easier and faster and effective.