Real Avid 1911 Pistol Tool

A really handy tool to have that will help with field stripping, adjusting sights/optics and cleaning a pistol or even a rifle is the Real Avid Pistol Tool. It’s like a Gerber Multi-tool but for guns. Let’s take a look at it and then list the features.

Real Avid 1911 Pistol Tool

The Real Avid Pistol Tool opened.

Here are the features.

  • 1911 Gov’t and Officer bushing wrench
  • 4 Hex Keys to help adjust sights etc.
  • Stainless steel pick/scraper
  • 3/32″ pin punch
  • 3″ Tanto knife blade
  • 2.5″ long bit driver
  • 6 driver bits
  • Fine tooth metal file
  • Tap hammer surface

Real Avid 1911 Pistol Tool-1

Real Avid Pistol Tool in closed position. It is a very handy tool to carry in your range bag or hunting backpack or bug-out bag or even in your car. I can see many uses for this tool. If you are interested in getting one of these here is a,link where you can buy it online…Buy the Real Avid The Pistol Tool at