Real Avid 1911 Bushing Smart Wrench

If you’ve ever owned a 1911 handgun then you will appreciate this tool….the Real Avid 1911 Bushing Smart Wrench.

Removing the barrel bushing on a 1911 style handgun can be a pain and dangerous too…watch out for the recoil spring when you remove the barrel bushing!!!

Here’s the OEM style 1911 barrel bushing wrench…


These work great but you have to be careful when turning the wrench and releasing the recoil spring and retainer. There’s a better tool though….


Introducing the Real Avid 1911 Bushing Smart Tool.


This tool is far easier on your hands.


Just turn and lift the 1911 up and out comes the recoil spring assembly without it ejecting across the room.


It’s easier to grip and turn than any other 1911 tool. If you have a 1911 then you might want to check this out….Real Avid 1911 Barrel Bushing Smart Tool at