Otis MSR/AR Rifle Cleaner

Otis MSR/AR Cleaner is a bio-based formula that will remove stubborn fouling quickly. It was designed specifically for MSR and AR type rifles. It works equally well on AK rifles too. Otis MSR/AR Cleaner will remove carbon, copper and lead fouling. Apply it to the bore via a saturated patch and let soak for 5 minutes, then scrub with a good copper/bronze brush. It is safe for all metals.

Otis MSAR-AR Gun Cleaner

MSR/AR cleaner is only a cleaner¬†only and not a lubricant so make sure you lubricate your firearm after cleaning. This is an effective gun cleaner. Here’s a link for an online purchase….Otis 012-AR/MSR Cleaner from Amazon.com