Otis Gun Cleaning Kits

Otis Gun Cleaning Kits – The Ultimate

I have to admit even though I do not use Otis gun cleaning kits, they are neat as heck.

Otis gun cleaning kits-1

Take a look at this huge gun cleaning kit. It’s awesome!! It’s simply packed with all kinds of items (40 components) and at the same time very well organized. This is their Elite Gun Cleaning Kit w/optics gear. It has it all. 23 bore brushes from 17 to 50 caliber plus shotgun brushes too. There are 6 memory-flex pull through cables for pistols and rifles plus round patches too. The kit includes 2 Otis 085 Ultra Bore Solvent tubes. Nylon utility brushes are also included. This is the most complete gun cleaning kit available.┬áNice job Otis!

If you want to check out more Otis Gun Cleaning Kits, here is a link….Otis Gun Cleaning Kits at Amazon.com

So why don’t I use the Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit if it so awesome?

There are actually 3 reasons I don’t have one.

  1. The Otis type patches are a real pain to put on the slotted tip.
  2. It just a too complicated gun cleaning system…I like simple
  3. Memory-Flex cables require you to remove the bore brush or T-handle after each pass.

As cool as the Otis gun cleaning kits are, I prefer a simpler cleaning system like the boresnake or just a standard cleaning rod, jag, brush, patches. High tech gadgets seem cool but they can make gun cleaning long and tedious.I prefer quick and easy.