Otis .40 Cal Gun Cleaning Kit

The Otis .40 cal gun cleaning system is the ultimate in effective and compact cleaning kits. They are top quality and will last a lifetime. They are simply the best organized gun cleaning kits available. This kit is for .40 cal handguns and submachine guns (short barreled).

Otis 40 cal gun cleaning kit

Otis .40 Cal Gun Cleaning System

  • Effectively cleans .40 caliber pistols and submachine guns
  • Bore Safe Memory-flex cleaning rods
  • 100% cotton cleaning patches
  • Female rod handle
  • Soft pack carrying case
  • 12 and 20 inch Memory Flex cables for correct breech to muzzle cleaning
  • 40 caliber nylon and heavy duty bronze bore brushes included
  • Specialized precision tools for complete breakdown and cleaning of your firearm
  • Lightweight soft pack case with belt loop for convenient carrying

If you’re interested in this gun cleaning kit, here is a link to buy one online….Otis .40 Cal Gun Cleaning System at Amazon.com