J. Dewey Cleaning Rods

J. Dewey Mfg makes some of the best quality cleaning rods available. They have been manufacturing cleaning rods and supplies since 1975. All of their products are made in the USA and is a family owned business. They take pride in their products and stand behind them with excellent customer service.

So what exactly does J. Dewey make?

They make everything from coated cleaning rods to jags and patches to chamber cleaning supplies but are best known for cleaning rods. They make Nylon Coated, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper Eliminator Series and Nylon Coated Pull Through Cables. These come in various sizes for rifles, pistols and shotguns.

The Nylon Coated rods are available in .17, .20, .22, .27, .35, .50 and shotgun sizes. The rods are precision made and coated with a tough Nylon material. Nylon will not allow foreign material (sand, metal, etc) to embed itself into it and it will not damage a steel barrel or brass barrel either. Dewey rods come with a ergonomic handle that fits most hands very well and is quite comfortable. The handle features a ball bearing attachment to the rod for easy and smooth rotation.

J Dewey Nylon Coated Rods

Coated Dewey Cleaning Rods

Please Note that Sinclair International’s TM Solution and Montana X-Treme Solution will attack the nylon coating on Dewey rods. Please do not use these 2 cleaners with Dewey nylon coated rods. I would recommend a carbon fiber rod for these 2 cleaners.

Dewey also makes stainless steel rods for those of you who like them. I’m not crazy about using steel on steel though. If you want the best stainless steel rods then these are it.

J Dewey Stainless Steel Rods

Stainless Steel Dewey Cleaning Rods

I prefer nylon coated rods but I have used brass. If you are careful, a brass rod will do well. Make sure it’s clean before you use it and use a bore guide too. This will prevent the rod from touching the bore. Brass rods come in .22 cal, .27 cal and shotgun.

J Dewey Brass Rods

Dewey Brass Cleaning Rods

The Dewey Copper Eliminator Series are a nylon coated rod with a chemically resistant aluminum ferrule or tip on the end. It has standard 8/32 threads. This special tip prevents false positive copper readings on patches.

J Dewey Copper Eliminator Rods

Copper Eliminator Cleaning Rods

Pull through cables are becoming very popular just like the Bore Snake. They are compact and work extremely well but are a little more time consuming than a rigid rod. You have to feed the cable through the bore, attach the bore brush and then pull it through. Then you have to take off the bore brush, feed the cable through the bore and put it back on to make another pass.Some people like this but not me.

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The coated cable is 750 lb test and 36 inches in length. One end has a sliding pull bead to provide a good grip and leverage to pull. These are very inexpensive, less than $10.

J Dewey nylon coated pull through cables

Dewey Coated Pull Through Cables