Is Gunslick Gun Seal Protectant Any Good?

With so many gun lubricants and oils on the market, how do you decide what to use?

The best way to choose a gun oil or lubricant is to view some sort of friction data. This is the scientific way to determine how well a substance reduces friction. It is very hard to test lubrication products on your own guns and determine which one is the best at reducing friction. It’s just too hard to measure.

Anyway, I have been asked if Gunslick Gun Seal is an effective lubricant for guns.

My answer is YES…based on the data from coefficient of static and dynamic friction tests.

Gunslick Gun Seal came in 14th out of 46 products and actually it was very close to tying for 10th in the lubrication test. That’s pretty impressive. That was the lubrication results. Gunslick Gun Seal placed in the top 5 for corrosion resistance. Click Here to Buy Gunslick Gun Seal Rust Protectant (6-Ounce Aerosol) at

Gunslick Gun Seal