Is Froglube CLP Any Good?

Another frequently asked question…Is Froglube CLP any good?

I have a lot of experience with Froglube CLP consisting of testing and actual use on firearms for several years.

So my short answer is YES. Froglube CLP is a good product. I really love the smell. Sorry… but it is also an excellent lubricant that forms a barrier and is not wet to the touch. After you apply Froglube CLP to a metal surface, you will be able to easily feel the difference. The metal surface will feel very slick/slippery. Froglube also protects metal surfaces from moisture for a very long time even in a salt water spray. When it comes to cleaning carbon and copper/lead fouling, Froglube CLP does not do as well as straight gun cleaners. Because Froglube CLP is thick and has lubricants in it, it does not soak into carbon fouling which is necessary in order to loosen it.

Froglube CLP comes in a liquid and a paste. Apply it to warm metal and let it sit. If you want to try Froglube CLP, here is a link to purchase…Froglube CLP at