Is Froglube CLP a Good Lubricant?

Is Froglube CLP a good gun lubricant? The short answer is YES.

I’ve used and tested Froglube CLP for over 3 years and have to say that it is an excellent lubricant and 2nd only to Hornady One Shot (in a friction test).

I have used Froglube CLP on my 3 Glocks, G22, G17 and G21 and on my Zastava AK-47 for a number of years. It’s very slippery. I never had any failures on any of these guns when lubricated with Froglube CLP.

When I applied Froglube CLP for the first time on my Glocks, I followed the instructions on the website. I cleaned everything with the Froglube Solvent first. I then heated the Glock slides and barrels with a heat gun to about 110 degrees F. I then liberally applied the Froglube CLP and let it soak in for about 10 minutes. I then applied a 2nd liberal coat and then wiped off the excess. The slides and barrels were definitely more slippery than any other lubricant. I could feel the difference when wiping the slide with a clean cloth. It was like a freshly waxed car.

If you have never tried Froglube CLP, you should….Froglube CLP at