How to Use Froglube Paste

So how do you use Froglube CLP Paste?

The short answer is ….exactly the same as the Froglube CLP liquid.

I have used both the Froglube CLP liquid and the paste and I like both. The paste sticks to things better like brushes and patches but both work equally well in my experience.

The paste has the advantage of not running nor spilling.

Anyway here is how I use Froglube CLP paste.

First I clean everything with the Froglube Solvent. Then I prefer to heat up the metal parts that I’m going to apply the Froglube to. The reason I do this is because warm metal is more porous and allows the Froglube paste to penetrate deeper. I have performed several tests with heated and non-heated Froglube CLP applications and the heated application provides longer corrosion protection.

I use a simple heat gun to heat all metal parts to about 100-120 degrees F. I then apply the Froglube CLP paste and let is sit for 10-15 minutes. I then apply another coat and let it sit for an additional 15 minutes. Now I wipe over the gun parts to remove any excess CLP. Now I’m done. The surface will feel very slick like a newly waxed car.

After the first application, you can use Froglube CLP paste to clean and lubricate your gun like any other CLP or gun cleaner and oil.

Here’s the Froglube CLP paste I used for several tests. If you want to try some, here is a link….Froglube CLP Paste at