Hoppes No. 9 Synthetic Gun Oil

Hoppes No. 9 Synthetic gun oil is ideal for lubricating and protecting guns, fishing reels and just about anything else from friction and corrosion. Synthetic oils are much better than petro-based oils. Synthetics exhibit a higher lubricity property plus they can withstand higher temperatures and pressures without burning. If your gun oil burns in the barrel, it will contribute to the fouling and cease to lubricate. It could also gum up the action and make it inoperable. Always use a high quality lubricant/oil on your firearms, especially self defense/combat weapons. You need them to function 99.999% of the time. Lesser oils may cause malfunctions.

**Hoppes No. 9 Synthetic Gun Oil is made in the USA.

Hoppes No. 9 Synthetic Gun Oil Features:

  • Advanced synthetic oil engineered specifically for firearms
  • 100% designed and tested in the most hostile environments
  • Provides a barrier between metal and the elements like water, dirt and fouling
  • Superior friction resistance to reduce wear and heat
  • Made in U.S.A.

How to Apply Hoppes No. 9 Synthetic Gun Oil

Apply a very thin coat to all metal surfaces and then wipe with a clean dry patch or other cloth. Too much oil in a gun is not good. It will collect dirt and fouling. And believe it or not too much oil will increase friction and slow down moving parts. Metal parts will have to push the oil instead of sliding over top. A super thin or microscopic coat is the ideal scenario.

Always clean a firearm first and then apply a thin coat of synthetic gun oil to all metal parts/surfaces. Then wipe dry with a clean cotton cloth or patch. Push a patch wet with gun oil through the barrel several times and then follow up with a dry patch. This will leave a micro-coating of oil in barrel. This coating will lubricate and resist fouling making it easier to clean afterwards. You do not want the barrel dripping with oil!!

Hoppes No 9 Synthetic Gun Oil

Apparently Hoppes No 9 Synthetic Gun Oil is hard to find in most sporting goods stores. Here is a link where you can buy as much as you need at a discounted price….Hoppes No. 9 Synthetic Gun Oil.