Hoppes Foaming Bore Cleaner Review

Hoppes foaming bore cleaner makes cleaning your gun bore short and sweet….no brushing or scrubbing. Just spray the Hoppes foaming bore cleaner into you gun barrel bore and let it go to work. It dissolves and removes copper and powder fouling quickly. Then all you need to do is patch and lubricate. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Hoppes foaming bore cleaner comes out orange and then turns either black from powder residue or blue from copper residue. It makes gun cleaning a 1 step process instead of 3 or 4 steps.

In my gun cleaner tests, I tested 3 different foaming bore cleaners and all of them worked very well. The gun cleaner test consisted of burning 3 smokeless powder charges on a piece of metal and then trying to clean it without scrubbing or brushing. I let the foaming bore cleaner soak for 10 minutes and then wiped the area with a few clean patches. The powder fouling wiped away easily with the first patch.

If you are interested in trying a foaming bore cleaner, here is a link…Hoppes foaming bore cleaner at Amazon.com