Hoppes Boresnake Venom Gun Oil

Hoppes Boresnake Venom Gun Oil

Hoppes Venom Gun Oil was designed to complement the Viper Boresnake. The Boresnake was designed to thoroughly clean a bore with minimal effort and time. Venom Gun Oil makes lubrication and protection quick and easy. Liberally apply on the Boresnake or a standard patch and make several passes through the bore. Then run a dry patch or fresh Boresnake through the bore to remove excess oil. The ideal oil coating is micro-thin. You do not want oil dripping from the barrel and into the action.

Hoppes Venom Gun Oil Features

  • Engineered from Dental drill oil which lubricates at rpms of 1.5 million
  • Micro-thin film technology that will stay put and not separate
  • Provides long term corrosion protection
  • Extreme temperature range of -40 to 320 F.
  • Special T3 (liquid Molybdenum and PTFE) additive to reduce friction

Hoppes Venom Gun Oil

Hoppes has been offering great gun products for a really long time and Boresnake Venom Gun Oil is just another example of Hoppes engineers at work.

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