Hoppes Boresnake Cleaning Kit

The Hoppes Boresnake cleaning kit contains everything you need to clean your rifle or handgun. You get a handy soft case with a rifle or pistol Boresnake, Hoppes No. 9 Solvent, Hoppes Lubricating Oil, Hoppes Weatherguard Cloths and a handy Boresnake pull handle.


This is a great field cleaning kit. It’s lightweight and very compact. The Boresnake is the ultimate gunĀ barrel cleaner. It’s easy and fast…and effective. I REALLY like the Boresnake Pull Handle. This makes pulling a Boresnake through a barrel super easy and comfortable. I have been using a screwdriver to wrap the cord around and pull through the barrel. Because the Boresnake is a tight fit in gun barrels, it does take some effort to pull it through. The screwdriver gives you more leverage and a better grip. You can wrap the cord around your hand but it will squeeze your hand very light. It’s quite uncomfortable. The pull handle is awesome!

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