Hoppes Boresnake 9 mm – Buy It?

Boresnake 9 mm …quick as a strike?

Do you spend too much time cleaning your guns?

The Hoppes Boresnake can help.

The 9 mm Boresnake was designed to decrease gun cleaning time by incorporating a cleaning rod, bore brush and cleaning patch into one product. Essentially a cotton weave rope with bore brushes embedded into it. Just pull it through the barrel.

Hoppes 9 mm Boresnake

Hoppes Boresnake gun cleaner

Hoppes 9 mm Boresnake Features:

  • All-in-One bore cleaner – reduces gun cleaning time
  • 100% Cotton Rope – tight fit provides maximum cleaning
  • Embedded Bore Brushes – scrubs fouling for easy removal
  • Washable – can be used for many years
  • Compact Design – easy to store in small compartments
  • Cotton Weave Rope – more effective than 160 cleaning patches
  • Inexpensive – $15.00

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Hoppes 9 mm Boresnake Reviews

This is one of those handy tools that makes cleaning a gun much more enjoyable. I don’t even need to pull out the big rods with the metal brushes anymore. I would definitely recommend this bore snake for anyone who wants to simplify their gun cleaning. This is an easy 5 stars for me.

I really like how quick this makes cleaning. Typically you have to take a patch and put a solvent on it, then rub it into the barrel, then take a brass boar brush to clean it. You then have to take a dry patch to clean it all out. All of which takes roughly five minutes. This BoreSnake takes all of this and combines it to one step. It takes me a minute to clean it up now. I use it on my 9mm and .357 and .38 special.

Perfect solution to the old method of using pads, bore cleaner and rods. Pre-lubed the barrels with degreaser/cleaner, oiled up the bore snake, and pulled it through my .380 and .357 pistol barrels 4-5 times and the barrels are spotless. This after I’ve shot 200-250 rounds through each gun. Perfect solution to an efficient and effective cleaning process. I would highly recommend this product since you can throw away your bore rods.

This is absolutely the best bore snake on the market today. Not sure how I ever managed to keep all my guns cleaned without this great product. If you are on the fence on whether to buy this product or not have no fears it is definitely well worth the money. You simply can’t go wrong here. Also, super great customer service.

As far back as I can remember, I used a set of rods that one screwed together with fitting for the end for a wire brush or a swab. The Hoppe’s BoreSnake does all the cleaning in one easy step. One just opens the breach or locks the slide in the open position, dangles the weight down the bore and then pulls it though. The snake is fitted based on caliber, so be certain to purchase the correct one. The snake has the wire brush built in, so it drags our the burnt power and barrel debris while buffing right behind it. I will never use anything else. It makes cleaning a breeze.

My Boresnake Experience

I have used Hoppes Boresnakes for many years. The 9 mm was one of my favorites and was used on my Glock 17. It made cleaning the Glock very easy and fast….5 minutes. It just doesn’t make sense for me to use a cleaning rod, bore brush, bore jag and cleaning patches…it’s just too much stuff. There’s an easier way….Boresnake.