Hoppe’s Black Precision Gun Oil – New 2017

Hoppe’s keeps on pushing the edge with gun maintenance products. Their latest line of high performance products is named “Black”…as in “black rifles”. These products which include the Black Gun Cleaner, Black Precision Oil, Black Copper Cleaner, Black Gun Grease and Black Lubricating Cloths are designed for extreme environments.

The Hoppe’s Black Precision Oil is a high tech lubricant formulated specifically for combat type environments where hundreds of rounds are fired in a short period of time. The Black Precision Oil has an extreme temperature range of -65 F to 540 F. Semi auto weapon barrels can easily reach the 500 degree mark in no time at all and even surpass this. The Black Precision Oil also has an excellent corrosion inhibitor to protect metal surfaces for long periods of time.

Hoppe’s Black High Performance Precision Oil is ideal for AR and AK type rifles where metal surfaces (barrels and bolts) can easily reach 400-500 degrees. If you want to try Hoppe’s new Black Precision Oil, here is a link…Hoppe’s Black High Performance Precision Oil at Amazon.com.