Hoppe’s Black Gun Cleaner – New 2017

Hoppe’s Black High Performance Gun Cleaner is a brand new product for 2017. It was formulated for high round firearms like the AK’s, AR’s and other semi auto rifles and handguns.

This high performance gun cleaner removes heavy carbon and powder fouling from bores and actions easily. It’s safe for all barrels and actions. It works best when you soak the bore using wet patches or a boresnake and then let it sit for 10 minutes. Then patch until clean.

I just ordered the Hoppe’s Black Gun Oil and Gun Cleaner to test. I’ll post the test results as soon as they’re complete. I tested other Hoppe’s gun cleaners like Elite and No. 9 synthetic blend bore cleaner with excellent results. I would think this gun cleaner would do no worse. You can buy some here….Hoppe’s Black High Performance gun maintenance products at Amazon.com