Gunslick Gun Maintenance Center w/ Vise

The Gunslick Gun Maintenance Center is a really nice tool to have for cleaning and maintaining rifles and shotguns. A gun vise makes gun cleaning and gun maintenance so much easier. It’s like having another person helping you clean your guns.

Gunslick Gun Maintenance Center Vise

Not only does the Gunslick Gun Maintenance Center hold your gun but it also holds all of your gun cleaning supplies too. It’s a total gun cleaning organizer. ¬†Let’s list some of the benefits of this gun cleaning center.

  • 2 drawers that can hold lots of small items like bore brushes, patches, utility brushes, pics, Q-Tips, etc
  • Gun Vise securely holds any rifle or shotgun
  • Cleaning rod holder keeps it handy and clean
  • Various pockets/cutouts to hold your gun cleaning supplies in front of your gun
  • Gun cleaning center prevents¬†gun solvent or lubricate from dripping on the floor or table.
  • Synthetic construction makes it sturdy yet light weight.
  • Great price…under $70

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