Gun Oil Wear Test – Weapon Shield

So how well does Weapon Shield CLP reduce metal wear?

Let’s put it to the test and see.

I used 2 pieces of 6061 Aluminum to create a metal wear test. Both pieces of aluminum are filed true and then polished with 400 grit wet sandpaper. I slid the smaller piece or block/sled back and forth on top of a 24″ x 4″ aluminum bar. I exerted zero downward force on the sled…only the weight of the sled itself creates the friction/wear. I use bare metal as a comparison to determine how well an oil reduces wear.

*** Something I noticed while performing these wear tests….I can immediately feel the difference in gun oils when I start sliding the sled over the 24″ bar. There is a big difference between some of these oils even before looking at the wear results. I can tell during the test which oils are better.

Weapon Shield Wear Test

Here is the 6061-T6 sled and 24″ bar….and of course Weapon Shield CLP.

To start off, all surfaces are cleaned with M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner. I then placed about 10 or so drops of Weapon Shield on the 24″ aluminum bar and 2 drops on the sled. I took several clean patches and spread the Weapon Shield evenly. I then took a few more patches and wiped off the excess. Now we’re ready for the test.

Weapon Shield Wear Test - application

Application of Weapon Shield CLP.

I slide the sled back and forth on top of the 24″ bar like a gun action. Each back and forth motion is one cycle just like a semi auto gun. I performed 75 cycles and then cleaned the surfaces to examine for wear. Let’s see how Weapon Shield did.

Weapon Shield Wear Test - results 1

Here is the bottom of the sled. You can see the small areas were the metal is worn smooth/shiny. Let’s clean it off and get a closer look….

Weapon Shield Wear Test -Results 2

As you can see, there is very little wear and remember this is aluminum which is way softer than steel.

Weapon Shield Wear Test - close-up left side

This is a close-up of the left side of the sled.

Weapon Shield Wear Test - Results close-up right side

Here is a close-up of the right side of the sled. There are some really small areas that are slightly worn.

Here is the Bare Metal Wear test for comparison….

Bare Metal Wear Test 0619161325d[1]

Notice the deep scratches and severe wear. Now you know how well Weapon Shield reduces wear and friction. It is a great product!

Conclusion: Weapon Shield is a very good lubricant and does a great job of reducing wear. I recommend and use Weapon Shield on my guns.