Gun Oil Wear Test – Lucas Gun Oil

So how well does Lucas Gun Oil reduce metal wear?

Let’s put it to the test and see.

I used 2 pieces of 6061 Aluminum to create a metal wear test. I sideĀ a small block or sled back and forth on top of a 24″ x 4″ aluminum bar. I use bare metal as a comparison to determine how well an oil reduces wear.

Inclined Plane Friction Test

Here is the block/sled and the 24″ x 4″ aluminum bar. They are both filed true and polished with 400 grit wet sandpaper to simulate most gun finishes.

First I cleaned both aluminum surfaces with M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner. I then placed 4 drops of Luca Gun Oil on the 24″ aluminum bar and 2 drops on the smaller block. I used several patches to evenly distribute the oil across the surfaces. I then put 3 more drops of Lucas Gun Oil on the 24″ bar just because I didn’t feel the entire surface was coated.

I then placed the sled on top of the 24″ bar and slid it back and forth using a 6″ runway. I did not put any downward force on the sled, only the weight of the sled itself. I did this for 75 cycles. One cycle is the back and forth motion like a gun action. Let’s see the results…

Lucas Gun Oil Wear Test

Here are the results. The dark areas are a combination of metal particles and the Lucas Gun Oil. When I performed this test, I did not feel much lubrication as compared to some other gun oils I have tested. Anyway, there is lots of metal wear and actually some galling.

Lucas Gun Oil Wear Test 2

Here is a closeup of the sled after being cleaned. You can see some small areas of wear(darker areas). Now lets look at the 24″ bar.

Lucas Gun Oil Wear Test 3

You can clearly see the scratching/galling on the 24″ aluminum bar. It’s scratched pretty deeply. Not an ideal situation. Remember I did no push down on the sled, only forward and back forces.

Here is the Bare Metal Wear test for comparison….

Bare Metal Wear Test

Notice the deep scratches. You can catch your fingernail in these deep scratches. Now let’s look at the 24″ bar that the sled slid against.

Bare Metal Wear Test Bar

You can not only see a wear path but also deep scratches too. The scratches look like railroad tracks.

My opinion: Will I personally use Lucas Gun Oil….NOPE. As you can see Lucas Gun Oil is slightly better than no gun oil but there are much better products.