Gun Oil Wear Test – Hoppes No 9 Synthetic Gun Oil

Is Hoppes No. 9 Synthetic Gun Oil any good?

Let’s take a look at a wear test that I have been performing.

I used 2 pieces of 6061 Aluminum to create a metal wear test. Both pieces of aluminum are filed true and then polished with 400 grit wet sandpaper. I slid the smaller piece or block/sled back and forth on top of a 24″ x 4″ aluminum bar. I exerted zero downward force on the sled…only the weight of the sled itself creates the friction/wear. I use bare metal as a comparison to determine how well an oil reduces wear.

Hoppes No 9 Gun Oil Wear Test

Here you can see the aluminum sled and the 24″ aluminum bar. The sled rides on top of the long aluminum bar. I use clean patches to spread the oil evenly and to wipe off the excess.

Hoppes No 9 Gun Oil Wear Test 1

Here is the application of the Hoppes No 9 Synthetic Gun Oil on the 24″ bar.

Hoppes No 9 Gun Oil Wear Test 2

Here is the sled and bar after 75 cycles. One cycle is a single back and forth motion of the sled on the aluminum bar. When I started this wear test I could tell right away that the Hoppes No 9 Synthetic gun oil is very good. There was very little resistance when sliding the sled. It is very slippery.

Let’s take a closer look at the sled to see what kind of wear occurred.

Hoppes No 9 gun oil wear test results

Here is the sled after cleaning off the oil and metal debris. You can see a few small shiny areas where the finish was worn smooth. This is a sign of a good lubricant that will reduce wear and heat.

Here is the Bare Metal Wear Test with the same sled and 24″ bar….

Bare Metal Wear Test Bar


Look at the deep scratches and severe wear on both sled and 24″ bar. Hoppes Synthetic Gun Oil is very good and I recommend it. I was surprised when I tested this product.

Conclusion: Hoppes No 9 Synthetic Gun Oil is a very good lubricant that will prevent wear and tear on any firearm. I would use it on my guns.