Gun Oil Wear Test – Archoil AR-4200

Archoil AR4200 is a CLP or Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectant. It’s an advanced nano tungsten disulfide formula and it is highly effective. I have used Archoil AR4200 for several years on my Glock 22 and Glock 21. In one test, I cleaned my Glock barrel with AR4200 and then took it to the gun range and shot 100 rounds through it. I took it home and then looked through the barrel. The bore was still clean and shiny. The AR4200 did not burn off and repelled most of the fouling.

Anyway here is the wear test on Archoil AR4200.

Archoil AR4200 Metal Wear Test

Here is the gun oil wear test setup. The small block of 6061-T6 aluminum (towards the right) is used as a sled on top of the larger 24″ x 4″ aluminum bar. I use aluminum because it is softer than steel and will show wear in a short period of time. The sled is slid back and forth on top of the 24″ bar to simulate the action of a firearm. After 75 cycles, I clean both surfaces off and measure the wear. You can see I just added the Archoil AR4200 CLP to the 24″ bar. I then used several clean patches to spread it evenly. The excess is then wiped off with another clean patch or 2.

Let’s look at the results now after 75 reciprocating cycles.

Archoil AR4200 Gun Oil Wear Test Results

You can see a slight discoloration on both surfaces. This is small aluminum particles and the AR4200. I have to say that when I started this wear test, I could tell right away that  AR4200 is a very good lubricant because it felt really slick when I slid the sled back and forth.

Archoil AR4200 Gun Oil Wear Test Results 2

Here is the sled before cleaning. You can see some small areas of wear(shiny areas).

Archoil AR4200 Gun Oil Wear Test results 3

Here is the cleaned aluminum sled. The darker or shiny areas are where the aluminum has been worn. It is very slight and very shallow. Remember aluminum is much softer than steel.

Conclusion: Archoil AR4200 is a very good lubricant and is very effective at reducing wear and friction. I recommend it and use it on my firearms. It’s really hard to find a better CLP or gun oil.