Gun Oil Friction Test – M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX

I have always liked M-Pro7 products especially their Gun Cleaner but let’s take a look at the M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX. I have used it for a few years on my Glocks and AK-47 without issue. It works well…BUT how does it compare to other oils in a scientific friction test????

So how do you test the friction reduction properties of a gun oil?

The easiest way is to test friction reduction is to use an inclined plane and a metal sled. Here is how that works….

You place a metal sled or block on an inclined plane and then raise one end of the plane until the sled or block slides down the incline. This is the angle were gravity overtakes friction. The theory is that an oil will reduce the friction and cause the sled to slide at a lower angle than without any oil. I use a Wilex Digital Angle Gauge to measure the angle or slope of the inline plane. Click Here for more details on the test equipment. See photo below….

Gun Oil Friction Tests

Inclined Plane Friction Test

I tested bare metal first to use as a control. I ran the test 10 times and then averaged the data. The average angle is 15 degrees for bare metal.

Now let’s see how well M-Pro7 LPX Gun Oil does. I squeezed several drops of LPX on the metal inclined plane and then spread it evenly with a clean patch. I then wiped as much LPX off as possible with another clean patch. This is crucial. I tested many gun oils using a liberal amount (too much) and it increased friction dramatically. The inclined plane had to be raised to 35-45 degrees before the sled would slide. So anyway, I wiped off as much LPX as I could with clean patches and then tested it 8 times. The sled would slide at an average of 12.8 degrees of incline. That’s about 15% better than bare metal or a friction decrease of 15%. That’s pretty good.

M-Pro7 LPX Friction Test

Here is the friction test setup. I use M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner to clean the sled and inline plane after each test. It’s an excellent cleaner.

M-Pro7 LPX Gun Oil

Remember to always apply gun oil in a super thin film for best results. It makes a HUGE difference!

M-Pro7 Gun Oil LPX Friction Test Results

Here are the results. The average angle or slope was 12.8 degrees. That’s a 15% decrease in friction compared to bare metal.

It is really hard to go wrong with M-Pro7 gun products. I have used them for years and still do. They just work well, don’t smell and are non-toxic. You can shop for M-Pro7 gun products at