Gun Oil Friction Test – FrogLube CLP

I have used FrogLube CLP in the past for about a year or two. I have to tell you up front that FrogLube is very slippery, when applied properly.

Let’s see just how slippery it is….

I’m using an inclined plane and sled to test friction reduction properties of various gun oils. Here is the theory behind the inclined plane/sled friction test. You place a metal sled or machined block on an inclined plane and tilt the plane until the sled slides. This is the angle at which gravity overtakes friction. If you apply oil to the bottom of the sled and top of the inclined plane, the oil should reduce the friction between the two surfaces and slide down the inclined plane at a lower angle than bare metal.

Inclined plane/sled friction test

Here is the inclined plane/sled friction test setup. I use a Wixey digital angle gauge to measure the angle or slope of the inclined plane. It’s very accurate. If you want to read more details about the inclined plane/sled friction tester click here.

I applied FrogLube CLP as per instructions, which are…clean all metal surfaces with a good gun solvent or cleaner ( I used M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner) ┬áthen apply FrogLube to all metal surfaces and then wipe excess off with a clean cloth or patch. This is VERY IMPORTANT. You need a very thin film of FrogLube CLP otherwise you will increase friction. When you think you wiped too much off, you did it right.

FrogLube Friction Test

After applying the FrogLube CLP, I ran the friction test 5 times and then averaged the data. The average angle or slope of the inclined plane where the sled started to slide was 10.36 degrees. Remember that bare metal resulted in an average angle of 15 degrees. FrogLube CLP reduced friction by 31%. That’s excellent!!

FrogLube CLP Friction Test Results

FrogLube CLP is an excellent lubricant and cleaner with a really nice scent. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable too. If you want to try FrogLube CLP, here is a link…Shop FrogLube CLP at

FrogLube CLP