Gun Oil Friction Test – Archoil AR4200

I used to use Archoil AR4200 a long time ago but dropped it to try “new and improved” CLP’s and gun oils. I often wondered how well it really works…scientifically.

Let’s test it and see how “slippery” it really is.

I’m currently using an inclined plane and metal sled to test frictional changes from various gun oils and CLP’s. Here is the setup….

Gun Oil Friction Tests

If you want the details about the test itself, you can read it here….Gun Oil Friction Tests.

So I applied Archoil AR4200 to the metal inclined plane and the metal sled. After applying it, I wiped the excess off with clean patches. A very thin film is the ideal situation. I placed the sled on the plane and raised the end of the plane until the sled moved downward.

Archoil AR4200 friction test

I ran the Archoil AR4200 test 4 different times with very close results. Archoil was the most consistent lubricant so far. The results were 10.7, 10.0, 10.8 and 10.6 for an average of 10.525 degrees of incline. Bare metal resulted in 15 degrees of inclination, so AR4200 is much better than bare metal…about 30% less friction.

Archoil AR4200 is not only an excellent lubricant but it is also a cleaner and protectant. You can use it to clean and lubricate all your guns with one step. I amybe switching back to it shortly.

If you want to try Achoil AR4200 on your guns, here is a link where you can buy it….Shop Archoil AR4200 at