Gun Oil Corrosion Test – FireClean CLP

Fireclean CLP is a non-toxic cleaner, lubricant and protectant. I have used it in the past on a AK-47 and it performed well as a lubricant. Let’s test its ability to protect metal from corrosion.

I use a simple gun oil corrosion test consisting of a bare metal plate, gun oil or CLP, gun cleaner, cleaning patches and a water spray bottle. I clean the metal plate and then apply the gun oil or CLP. The treated metal plate is then subject to the Arizona desert conditions in addition to water spray every other day.

Here’s the Fireclean CLP and bare metal plate.

I applied 2 drops of Fireclean CLP to the clean bare metal plate. I will spread the 2 drops out evenly with a few cleaning patches.

The Fireclean actually removed a tiny amount of dirt when I spread it out with the cleaning patches. Now lets spray some water on it and start the test.

The water beaded very nicely. Now let’s let it sit and see what happens.

24 Hours Later – FireClean CLP Corrosion Test

Here are the results after 24 hours of the desert climate and 1 water spray.

There is some rust on the metal. Let’s take a closer look.

Now you can see the light rust on the metal. Fireclean CLP did not prevent corrosion when water was introduced and the Arizona desert heat.