Gun Cleaning Utility Brushes

Gun cleaning utility brushes are a must have. I use both the phosphorus bronze and the nylon utility brushes.

20141218 182534

Hoppe’s Phosphorus Bronze Utility Brushes. They work great!

20141218 182539

20141218 182550

Double ended for various hard to reach areas.

I buy these gun utility brushes at Here is a link…Gun Cleaning Utility Brushes

I love the nylon brushes for scrubbing gun actions to remove carbon and other debris. It makes it easy to clean those hard-to-get areas plus it provides a good scrubbing action that really loosens fouling and dirt. I use a nylon utility brush on my AK-47 receiver. It makes it easy to clean the rails in the receiver.

nylon gun utility brush

Here is Hoppe’s nylon gun utility brush.

The phosphorus bronze utility brushes are great for baked on carbon such as on a muzzle brake, gas piston, revolver cylinder, etc. The bronze bristles do not scratch steel and remove stubborn carbon fouling easily. My AK-47 gas piston really gets dirty with carbon. The head or end of the piston gets burned on carbon. This area needs more than a cloth with CLP on it. I use the phosphorus bronze utility brush on it and it makes short work of the carbon.

20141231 095953

This is where I use the phosphorus bronze utility brush. This baked on carbon is pretty stubborn but the bronze brush removes it quickly.

20141231 100110

Here is the end of the AK-47 gas piston/bolt carrier. It’s covered with baked on carbon.

20141228 093035

Here is a clean AK-47 bolt carrier and piston. Nylon and bronze brushes are a must have.