Gun Cleaning Tools – Small Vacuum Base Vise

There are lots of tools that can make cleaning your gun much easier. Here is one tool I find indispensable for cleaning a handgun….a suction cup or vacuum base vise.

How do you hold your handgun barrel or pistol for that matter while you clean the barrel?

It’s not easy right?

A small desk or table vise makes it really easy to hold your pistol or parts of your pistol (like the barrel).

20140405 160602

It is really hard to hold a barrel with one hand and clean it it with a cleaning rod and brush with the other. A 4″ barrel is just too small to hold on to. This is where a small vise comes into play. You mount the vise to your cleaning bench or table/desk. Then you cover the steel jaws with wood or rubber to protect your gun parts from scratches. Put whatever part you want to clean in the vise. Now you have 2 hands free to clean it and it stays secure and steady in the vise. I use a Bessey Vise to hold my Glock barrels while I brush and patch the bore. It makes it really easy and fast.

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The Bessey vise and most others have a swivel base so you can position the jaws of the vise in just about any angle and then tighten the nut and its secure.

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The Bessey Vise comes with rubber slip-on covers for the jaws. This protects metal parts from being scratched. Works great for holding gun barrels and other parts while you clean them.

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The rubber jaw covers slip on and off easily.

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The vacuum base or suction cup base makes it easy to secure/mount the vise on any smooth/flat surface like a table, desk or bench.

20140405 160632

Suction cup or vacuum base. Wet it first and then mount it for better suction.

20140215 093334

Cleaning my Glock 22 barrel using the Bessey Vise to hold it securely.