Gun Cleaner Test – Hoppe’s No 9 Black

Hoppe’s latest gun cleaner is the No 9 Black High Performance Gun Cleaner.

So how well does this new fangled gun cleaner work?

Let’s test it on burnt-on powder residue…

I use a simple gun cleaner test composing of a metal bar, smokeless powder, gun cleaner and some cleaning patches.

Here’s the setup…

First I’ll clean the steel bar thoroughly before burning the powder on it. After cleaning the bar, I add about 40 grains of H4831 smokeless powder to the steel bar and then ignite it. I repeat this 3 times to make sure there is a good amount of fouling/carbon buildup. Then I’ll attempt to clean it.

Here’s the first powder charge.

Here’s the 3rd powder burn – the flame temperature is over 850 degrees F.

This is the result of 3 powder burns. There is a lot of carbon and other powder residue. Now I’ll spray a liberal amount of Hoppe’s No 9 Black High Performance Gun Cleaner on it and let it soak for 10 minutes.

Notice how much gun cleaner is on the fouling. Don’t scrimp on gun cleaner application. More will soak better and make cleaning easier.

Enough gun cleaner has to be applied so that it can penetrate through all of the fouling to the bare metal.

This is a closeup after the 10 minute soak. The Hoppe’s Black Gun Cleaner has penetrated all of the fouling. See how wet it still looks?

Here’s the first wipe. The carbon is removed easily…no scrubbing. Let’s do another wipe.

Does Hoppe’s No 9 Black HP Gun Cleaner work well? You bet!!!

If you want to try Hoppe’s No 9 Black gun cleaner, here is a link…Hoppe’s No. 9 Black High Performance Gun Cleaner at