Grizzly Gun Lube & CLP

Grizzly Lube CLP is my kind of product. I took one look at the front label and I found the following, “USDA Certified Biobased Product”. I really try to use “Safe” gun cleaning products but sometimes it’s hard. I do use M-Pro7 most of the time when I’m not testing other gun cleaning and lubricating products. It is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Grizzly Gun Lube CLP

Grizzly Lube CLP is not just a lube but also a cleaner and protectant like most gun CLP’s. It meets Mil-Spec standards also. Which is very good. I also like the fact that Grizzle Lube “seasons” metal surfaces so they resist fouling and dirt accumulation and make future cleanings easier and faster. That’s a big plus!

From reading reviews, most users said it cleaned as well as other CLPs but they liked the fact that is was non-toxic and a USDA Certified Biobased Product However some were not too crazy about the strong scent. Apparently it’s quite MINTY. Grizzly Lube CLP is also thick so it may be harder to get it into tight areas. I prefer thin CLPs and gun cleaners. I prefer something like M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner (watery consistency) that will soak into a patch and for that matter soak into the barrel fouling. A paste or thick CLP will sit on top of the fouling. That’s my opinion though.

It may be beneficial to use Grizzly Lube CLP on warm or hot guns. This will thin the viscosity of the CLP so it will soak/penetrate better. It is always better to clean a warm gun than cold…with any cleaner. Warm metal has open pores versus cold metal with closed pores. Fouling is easier to remove when the gun is warm.