Grease or Oil to Lubricate Guns?

So is grease better than oil to use as a lubricant on firearms? Is grease OK to use on a firearm?

I never use grease on any of my guns and here’s why…

To begin with most greases are not as lubricating as the better oils with one exception and that is Weapon Shield Grease. So why use something less than optimum?

If the lubrication properties were exactly the same, grease has a property that is undesirable when using on firearms and that is…ITS STICKY. Grease attracts dirt and debris and holds on to it like glue. You really don’t want this on a firearm. Dirt, fouling and other debris like sand will stick to grease and could cause a malfunction.

Most gun oils and lubricants will do a much better job at lubricating than any grease and they’re not sticky. Rem Oil is a great product and dries to form a film that is really slippery. Weapon Shield CLP is an awesome¬†lubricant that beats most other oils and CLPs. Breakfree CLP, Ballistol, M-Pro7 LPX and Hornady One Shot are also excellent.

Leave grease to automobiles and cake pans.