G96 Triple Action Complete Gun Treatment

I was watching a few gunsmithing videos today and noticed that some of them regularly use G96 Gun Treatment on rifle trigger assemblies. One of the gunsmiths was Brock & Norris (http://www.brockandnorris.com/). They were working on a customer’s gun which entailed disassembly and inspection. The trigger assembly was removed and sprayed down with G96 Gun Treatment. The trigger assembly was then blown out with compressed air. The result was a crisp and clean…like new…trigger assembly. Pretty amazing stuff.

G96 Gun Treatment

So what is G96 Complete Gun Treatment?

Well…in short, it’s a CLP or cleaner, lubricant and protectant. It will clean all dirt, gun powder, fouling and rust from metal surfaces (polymer safe too). At the same time it lubricates and will not gum up, freeze, oxidize or evaporate. It has been tested from 350 F to  -50 F without failure. G96 Gun Treatment also provides a protective barrier against moisture, salt spray and fingerprints. It does not have a strong chemical odor but do wear protective gloves when using it.

How to Use G96 Complete Gun Treatment

Spray G96 Complete Gun Treatment on any surface to be cleaned. Let it soak for 60 seconds and then wipe off with a clean dry cloth. Simple yet very effective.

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