G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil

G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil is not only a very good synthetic gun oil but it also has cleaning and protective properties like a regular gun CLP.

Synthetic oils are much better at lubricating than standard oils. They reduce friction much better and last longer. If you want the best gun oil for your guns, go with a synthetic like G96 synthetic CLP Gun Oil.

G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil     G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil-Mil

G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil has been approved by the U.S. Army for the 21st century…MIL-PRF-63460E. That’s quite an accomplishment. Getting approved by the US Military is very difficult and a lengthy process. This approval definitely proves what kind of product G96 Gun Oil is.

Using G96 CLP Gun Oil regularly will help reduce fouling and therefore reduce cleaning time. “Kill 2 birds with one stone

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How to Use G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil

Clean your firearm with your favorite gun cleaner like M-Pro 7, G96 Bore Cleaner, etc. Now apply a liberal coat of G96 CLP Gun Oil to all metal surfaces including the bore. Next take a clean cloth or patch and wipe off excess gun oil. Ideally, you want a very thin film of G96 CLP Gun Oil on all metal surfaces.

****G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil is safe for all polymer firearms.****

G96 CLP Metal Wear Test

So how well does G96 CLP lubricate or reduce metal wear?

The best way to answer this question is by testing it.

I use a simple metal wear test for every lubricant or gun oil that I test. Basically, I oil 2 pieces of steel and slide them against each other and then examine the metal wear. To make it easier to see any metal wear, I blue the steel. Any metal wear will remove the bluing.

Let’s take a look at the gun oil wear test setup.

Here’s the gun oil wear test setup. I use a flat steel bar as a base and a smaller steel block as the Wear Block. The bottom of the wear block is blued. I apply the G96 to both contact surfaces and then wipe off the excess. Then the test begins.

I used a Presto Blue Pen to apply bluing to the contact surface of the wear block. It super easy. You just need to clean the steel with a good gun cleaner and then use the pen to color the surface. Then you let it dry and then wipe clean.

Here’s the G96 CLP bottle. I’ll apply a few drops on the steel base and 2 drops on the wear block.

I spread it evenly with a few cleaning patches and then wipe any excess off.

Now I apply 4 drops of G96 CLP to the steel base.

The wear block is partially treated with the G96 CLP. I do treat the entire wear block bottom surface. I did a partial so you could see that it was applied.

Both steel surfaces are properly treated and the wear test is ready to begin. The wear block will be slid back and forth on the base like the action of a gun. I do 100 cycles and then analyze the results.

Here is the forward wear block position. I do not apply any downward pressure, only forward pressure to slide the block.

Here’s the rear wear block position or beginning of the cycle.

Here are the results after 100 cycles. You can see the stripe running across the wear block. During this test, I noticed that the G96 CLP Gun Oil was very slippery. It’s a very good lubricant.

Here’s a close up of the wear block. The bluing is worn off but the metal has not been worn to any degree. G96 CLP Gun Oil is an excellent lubricant and will reduce metal wear greatly.